Sea Side – Eilat

Sea Side

18 Derekh Mitsrayim St., Eilat

For those who loves the sea…

Yossi Avrahami presents: Sea Side project in Eilat!

A residential experience from another world, in a unique and special site located adjacent to the Eilat city promenade.In the heart of the entertainment center – on the promenade, just a short walk from the beach!

Come and take a look from the balcony of your new apartment, with breathtaking views of the sea and the red mountains, while you enjoy a never-ending vacation!

Sea Side – Eilat’s new standard! The seven stories of this project offer you studio apartments, 2, 2.5 and 3 room apartments, garden apartments and lush penthouses. All of the apartments have a rich technical specification which has been carefully chosen from the best manufacturers in Israel. You will be able to enjoy from a beautiful oval swimming pool, a gym, as well as restaurants, coffee shops, stores, an exclusively designed lobby, with five high-speed elevators luxuriously designed, as well as a private parking – all of which will turn your residential experience in the project, to perfect!

This project is currently the only one of its kind, because of the fact that he has been authorized for residential rather than tourist purposes (on the Eilat promenade). The Sea Side project will be built to the highest, most exact standards by Yossi Avrahami Co., which has been building in Eilat and across Israel for close to 40 years.

Project Specification

  • Complex

    • All encompassing 24/7 CCTV system for the site
    • Fully equipped gym with the latest accessories and equipment
    • Private swimming pool with shaded areas
    • Restaurants and coffee shops for residents and their guests
    • Unique garden landscaping and development
    • Private parking with an electrical barrier at the entrance - for the exclusive use of the residents of the site
    • Exclusive, 18 meters tall, main entrance lobby, designed to the highest standards
    • Five beautiful floor lobbies
    • Exclusive high-speed elevators equipped with sophisticated control and monitoring systems
  • Apartment

    • Preparation for a camera intercom in each apartment
    • TV and telephone outlet in each room.
    • High quality electrical wiring devices
    • 3-phase electricity supply.
    • Balcony including aluminium and glass parapet.
    • Sliding glass door leading to balcony.
    • Double glazed windows with UV protection
    • Designer security door at entrance to apartment.
    • High quality interior doors (with door frames and wide cladding) to dimensions set by architect.
  • Kitchen

    • High quality top and bottom kitchen cabinet units (sandwich panel) in a variety of shades, advanced soft close hinge hardware technology.
    • Caesarstone counter top in a selection of shades.
    • Elegant kitchen tap with pull-out spray head.
    • Acrylic flush mount sink.
  • Flooring and Cladding

    • 80X80 flooring throughout the apartment
    • Glazed granite porcelain flooring in a variety of shades in the bathroom.
  • Bathrooms

    • Prestigious granite porcelain tiled flooring and cladding in a variety of shades.
    • Elegant mixer taps
    • Designer bathroom cabinet incorporating built-in sink and mirror in bathrooms
  • Air Conditioning

    • Full apartment air conditioning system- Inverter (except for bathrooms), complete with plaster false ceilings and air intake vents, as directed by architect and air conditioning engineer.

This specification is in principle only – and may be changed. The company will be bound solely by the specifications and contract signed between it and the buyer.

18 Derekh Mitsrayim St., Eilat

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