Yossi Avrahami

Yossi Avrahami

40 years
of experience

The name Yossi Avrahami is instantly associated with three key characteristics: innovation, professionalism and striving for perfection. There are no adjectives for this man, whose goal is to lead the real estate world, other than groundbreaking thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship. When Avrahami plans the next project, he envisions the dream home of each customer, down to the smallest particulars. This distinctive attention to detail is particularly characteristic of Yossi Avrahami – the man and the company.

From the beginning of his business operations, when he ran a contracting company for government works, and to this very day, when he heads one of the most well-established construction companies in the Israeli market and builds prestigious projects in the most sought-after sites in Israel, Yossi has always aspired to understand the needs and desires of his clients, to ensure they realize their dreams of living in a home that is perfect for them.

The Yossi Avrahami company, which proudly bears the name of the owner, places customer experience and full customer satisfaction at the center. This is why customers return and choose to purchase apartments in various projects that the company builds throughout the country.

Yossi’s business initiatives in the construction sector have demonstrated his ability to predict future real estate trends: The La Palmeraie luxury project in Eilat – the company’s luxurious and beautiful flagship project – is a perfect example. 15 years ago, Yossi decided to extend his business from southern Israel and began to build in Tel Aviv and the center region: Nof Aviya, the first project he built in Tel Aviv, was named after his daughter.

In 2011, Yossi took another step that further established his position as a pioneer in Israel’s luxury residential market: the construction of the 7th tower in the Ne’eman Towers project in northern Tel Aviv. Two years ago, he acquired additional land in the Kokhav Hatzafon neighborhood in northern Tel Aviv that had belonged to the Philharmonic Orchestra, on which he plans to build a residential project at a standard not yet seen in Israel. The company’s expansion is continuing, and in recent years Yossi has also built projects in the north: The Turquoise residential project in Haifa, as well as the magnificent high-rise tower in Kiryat Motzkin – HI Motzkin.

Throughout all his years in the construction business, Yossi has continuously contributed to the community. A few years ago, he established an annual scholarship program for outstanding athletes in Eilat, which contributes greatly to local sports and to the community.

Yossi Avrahami, the company’s leader and director, represents the values of quality, service, innovation and entrepreneurship that characterize the brand he has built over the years. 40 years of construction throughout the country, and more than 4,000 housing units throughout Israel in a variety of desirable locations – all this while maintaining the highest values of quality construction and economic robustness, and ensuring that the company’s customers enjoy the perfect product for them.

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